Don't Let This Happen towards Cooling wind Turbine Tower!

At Ion Water Solutions, our high-end water treatment technology and solutions reduce your reliance on chemistry alone to solve both mechanical and water issues. We want to help you save money on our water treatment solutions through buybacks and rebates available through our partnership with the City of Toronto and other entities in the Greater Toronto Area.

While we can help you explore other rebate and buyback options available throughout the GTA, here are three specific programs offered by the City of Toronto:

Capacity buyback program?This program encourages and rewards commercial and industrial organizations by offering a free water audit to help you identify ways to reduce water usage at your facilities. It also rewards participants that implement permanent water-saving initiatives with a singular cash rebate of up to 30 cents per litre of water saved on an average day. Additionally, this program helps participants save money on a long-term basis with reduced water bills.

Industrial water rate?Does your business use more than 6,000m3 per year? You may be eligible for a 30% reduction in your water rate. Note that eligibility constitutes devising and implementing a IRO water conservation plan.

Sewer surcharge rebate?Your business in Toronto could be eligible for a rebate for any water used but not discharged into the sanitary sewer system. For example, this includes water used to manufacture a product or water evaporated from cooling towers. Based on the percentage of water not added to the sanitary sewer system, the rebate is applied to the sewer portion of your water rate.

Our team is standing by ready to help you discover water rebate and buyback programs your operations qualify for and to answer your questions, so you save money and water while benefitting from innovative water treatment technologies.
08.08.2019 20:36:42
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